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Vinyl Flooring

Nowadays, one of the hottest trends in residential and business flooring solution is luxury vinyl. That is only because it is water-resistant, durable, easy to install, and affordable. While ceramic, stone, or wood flooring emits a luxury, they are highly expensive, need high maintenance, and very low on comfort.

High-quality, luxury vinyl flooring is an affordable solution that gives the same luxurious feel without harming your pocket. Because of this, vinyl can be found in most homes today. Production of vinyl floors continues to improve with new technology resulting in better flooring solutions each year.

At Floor Coating FL, we offer attractive, durable luxury vinyl flooring that not only makes your home look inviting and feel comfortable but also it is waterproof.

We install and remove vinyl flooring:

There are endless options of vinyl floors, and each one is special with a unique look and feel. This man made material resembles natural sources like stone and wood. Be it installing or removing vinyl flooring, we have the ultimate solution for you.

When it comes to installing vinyl flooring –

Just like laminate flooring, luxury vinyl floors are produced with imagery ranging from natural looks to modern designs. That makes vinyl floors perfect for many rooms. You can even make the floor the center of attraction.

Installing vinyl flooring is a hassle-free task. Depending on your requirements, we install vinyl sheets, planks, and tiles on concrete and wood flooring. That means you do not have to alter your home to have the best floor.

When it comes to removing vinyl flooring, we have the solution for you. We have the floor removing equipment and expertise to remove vinyl flooring the fastest way possible.

Not sure if vinyl flooring is right for you? Our experts at Floor Coating FL have years of experience in evaluating homes to provide the perfect vinyl flooring. We provide you with the fantastic vinyl and other flooring services along with our five-star customer service!