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Best Concrete Coating in Deerfield Beach

Choose high-quality epoxy floor coating in Deerfield Beach. So, what makes the epoxy coating a better option? With a hybrid epoxy coating, you can develop a more vital flooring plan. The polyaspartic coating improves the durability of your floor and provides you with versatile styling options. Backed with a team of experienced professionals and trained workers, we provide an expert solution to develop high-quality Concrete Floor Coating in Deerfield Beach.

Our value-added process

Over the years, we have successfully streamlined the process with efficient management and effective installation. In fact, we ensure to provide high-quality service that offers exceptional outcomes every time. Our integrated process of Concrete Floor Coating in Deerfield Beach is listed here:

Floor preparation

The application process follows layers of coating. And it starts with preparing the floor for the application. The workers prepare the floor by cleaning the surface of the floor. Using heavy machinery like diamond grinders and shot blasters, we help to remove the blemishes. Using a swift vacuum process, we make it dust-free and dirt-free.


If the surface is filled with blemishes like cracks and pits, the outcome of the coating would be inappropriate. Moreover, by reconstructing the floor, we make sure the surface is flattened, and the texture is smooth.

Base application

When we repair the damages and fill up the cracks and chips, we move on to apply the base coating. For Garage Floor Coating in Deerfield Beach, it is very crucial to construct a solid primer before applying the top layers.

Chip casting

We provide the customers with the freedom of choosing different styles and designs. In fact, our designers are skilled and trained with potential commercial and residential projects based, and they help to develop unique design patterns. At this stage, we attempt chip casting technology and integrate color and flairs to the concrete floors.

Chip scraping

In the next stage and final stage, we scrape out the excess chips. However, we make sure the primary layers are fully cured, and the surface is completely smooth.

Final layer application

We apply UV stable and polyaspartic coats that react as a concrete sealer in the final stage. The final touch helps to protect the Patio Concrete Coating in Deerfield Beach from UV rays and potential damage.

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