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Carpet Cleaning

Be it commercial or residential area, keeping your carpet clean is an essential factor to maintain. When professionally cleaned, it not only leaves a great impression on your guests or clients but also maintains sanitation and keeps your environment clean. Here comes the importance of professional carpet cleaning services.

If you are looking for the best carpet cleaning company in Boca Raton or surrounding areas in Florida, Floor Coating FL is the perfect destination for you. We deliver exceptional and professional cleaning services for our residential and commercial clients. We have been in the carpet cleaning business and leading the industry for over a decade. Our service extends beyond carpets and includes professional area rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and hard surface cleaning. We understand your hygiene concern, and that is why we provide same day carpet cleaning services by maintaining unmatched quality services. We are confident that you will be satisfied with our expert services.

We protect your home and restore its elegance

Once you partner with us, the very first thing that we do is, we do a pre-inspection to look at all the areas that need to be cleaned. Once the inspection is done, we share everything with you and help you make the right cleaning decision.

We set up safety guards throughout your home or workplace, where we run our hoses only to protect your valuable belongings.

We use only chemical-free cleaning products to keep your home or workplace environment-friendly.

We clean up everything and present you with carpets looking as good as new

We use a specialized tool to groom your carpets and pamper them more delicately. Our experts use advanced drying tools to ensure the carpet is completely dry and ready to use again. All we do is make your carpets feel and look as beautiful as the first day you got them. Since we use the commercial-grade air movers, that are compact and powerful, are placed in areas to reduce drying time.
Revitalize your carpet and maintain a clean and germ-free environment with a professional carpet cleaning. Get in touch with us today!